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Matthew is a composer, guitarist and musicologist based in London with over a decade's experience in music tuition, recently graduated a masters in Music and Composition from the Royal College of Music, having previously studied music at the University of Manchester. Matthew has significant experience in teaching theory and composition, including music for screen and computer-aided music, with previous tuition roles on the English National Opera Baylis scheme and the Royal College of Music's Sparks Outreach programme.

Matthew has also trained as a classical guitarist at the University of Manchester and has performed in jazz ensembles for a number of years. He has experience in teaching electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass and ukulele to a wide range of ages and abilities, including working towards ABRSM and Trinity graded exams.

Lessons and workshops are friendly and relaxed, with a focus on practical application and channeling the interests of the participant(s) as much as possible, with a belief that a huge aspect of learning music is to be exposed to as much of it as possible. 


Private Teacher          


Guitar, Composition and Theory Teacher

Available for both online and in-person tuition, Matthew has taught music lessons to individuals and groups with a wide range of abilities and musical interests. 


Irene Taylor Trust                       

 Assistant Project Leader


Assistant in leading the Irene Taylor Trust's 'Young Producers' programme, working with three new Young Producers, who had all previously taken part on our Making Tracks programme. Together they devised, developed and delivered their own music event, ‘Spirit of Utopia’.


English National Opera Baylis     

Assistant Composition Leader


Taking inspiration from Benjamin Britten’s Noye’s Fludde, the group of talented young people worked together on a brand new piece entitled Crisis.

2018 - 2019

Holland Park School          

 A-Level Tutor


Led a class of final year students through the AQA music curriculum; teaching a wide range of practical, musicological and theoretical skills. Organised on-site performance classes and provided 1-1 guitar lessons to a number of students. Provided composition classes, ranging from Bach chorale technique to building electronics effects.

2017 - 2018

Royal College of Music            

 'Sparks' Learning and Participation Teacher


Co-lead composition and performance workshops in a number of London schools; including Kensington Aldridge Academy, Pimlico Academy and St Paul's School.


Forsyth Music Shop, Manchester     

 Acoustic and Classical Guitar Teacher


Prepared lessons for over 15 beginner/amateur guitarists on a 1-1 basis as part of a project which provided free music lessons to encourage members of the public to start learning a new instrument.

2014 - 2015

St Roberts of Newminster          

 SEN/D Music Teacher (Volunteer)


Volunteer role teaching guitar, ukulele and bass to SEN/D pupils. Prepared individual and group lessons for 5 students, culminating in concerts across the academic term.


The Sage Gateshead               

  Learning and Participation Team (Volunteer)


Involved with the organisation of six public ensembles, supporting musical learning for individuals and groups. Taught basic musical skills to young children in the ‘Early Years Programme’; an interactive learning course, involving playing guitar and ukulele.

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